Enrol Now

General Information

We invite you to collect an Application for Enrolment form from our School, which you will be required to submit in person, together with the required documentation, should you wish to apply for your child to attend Glenashley Preparatory School. Forms may unfortunately not be emailed.

Required Documents

    • Certified copy of your child’s unabridged birth certificate
    • Certified copy of both parent’s South African ID documents or copy of death certificate where relevant
    • If Non-South African Resident / Citizen applying, a certified copy of the SA residence permit and/or study permit must be attached. Learners original passport must be presented, which will be copied by the School for the Department of Education
    • Original utilities account (all pages) showing the full name of the parent and the corresponding physical residential address
    • Certified copy of lease/ rental / ownership showing the parent’s primary residence as well as proof of deposit if renting and rent paid for a period of three months.
    • Certified copy of the court order granting legal guardianship, where applicable
    • Immunization Record
    • Most recent school report and the previous year end report.
    • Copy of the latest fee statement from the present school (includes parents with siblings currently enrolled)
    • Application form must be signed by both parents / guardians
    • I.D. Photo of applicant
    • These documents must be copied and certified before submitting to the School, as the School may not copy or certify documents for you.

Should you wish to apply for your child to enrol in one of our academic support classes (LEAP), you will require the following additional documentation:

  • A recent Educational Psychologist report (within the last 18 months)
  • LEAP questionnaire (click on this link) https://goo.gl/forms/hc88qIvnNdUjiuYv1
  • An enrolment fee applies to both mainstream and academic support applications.