Glenashley Preparatory School is a senior primary school that offers children from Grade 4 to Grade 7 the opportunity of a balanced education, which follows the CAPS programme.

Formal assessments are conducted, following the academic programme.   Parents and learners are notified of the assessment programme well in advance to accommodate academic preparation, and progress reports are sent home at the end of each term. Teacher Parent interviews are held during the second term, affording every parent the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress in the classroom.

Parents are encouraged to contact their class teacher at any time, should they require assistance, via either the Homework Diary or email, to which they will respond as soon as the teaching environment permits.

Learners who strive to achieve are acknowledged via our tiered award system. Merits are awarded in the classroom, which are then accumulated to earn a Bronze, Silver and then Gold Award, which are awarded at School Assembly.

Learners who uphold the School values may also be rewarded with a Values or Diligence Badge, awarded bi-monthly at School Assembly.


Our academic support unit aims to allow learners to gain confidence in themselves within a calm and nurturing environment. We offer a small support class per grade where dedicated teachers work with parents and external therapy programmes as a team to reintegrate learners into a mainstream environment.

These support classes are suitable for children in need of guidance in pace, comprehension, maths, reading and organisational skills, however, we are not a remedial school. Please email for further information.