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Since its inception in 1966, Glenashley Preparatory School continues to provide quality education to the children of the community. The School has grown significantly both in pupil numbers and in facilities.

The campus boasts modern IT facilities, a beautiful, cosmopolitan library with sweeping sea views and brand new books, as well as a new Tuck Shop and indoor seating area for the children. The Club, the School’s after school facility, incorporates homework and play, in a large, airy multi-purpose venue, adjacent to the large school fields.

Glenashley Gear, our uniform shop, is conveniently situated on campus, offering parents school uniform shopping convenience.

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Glenashley Preparatory School is a senior primary school that offers children from Grade 4 to Grade 7 the opportunity of a balanced education, which follows the CAPS programme.
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Learners are strongly encouraged to become involved in sporting activities at Glenashley Preparatory School, and sports development then follows as the next step, to improve children’s physical fitness levels and their sporting skills.
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At Glenashley Preparatory School, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn and enjoy Music as part of a balanced school experience.
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Why Glenashley Preparatory

Glenashley Preparatory School is unique, in that it is almost a home away from home, because of its moderate pupil numbers.

Classes are 25 learners on average, allowing educators to form a close bond with the learners in their class, as well as being able to give each learner the attention they deserve.

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