Glenashley Preparatory School is Celebrating 50 Years 

Opening our doors in 1967, with nothing much around us, Glenashely Preparatory was ready to bring education to the children. Now 50 years on we are still striving to provide a high standard of education to help your child grow in this ever changing world.

Our Sporting Culture

No matter what level of performance you are striving for, Glenashley will meet your sporting aspirations. Whether you are striving for national or regional representation, or if you just want to exercise and have fun at our superb facilities, there is a place for you.








Our Academics

The Academic Syllabus of Glenashley is a facility that provides a venue and an environment in which learners can do homework and study after school. An adult is present to check homework, motivate learners and monitor their co-curricular involvement.

Offering classes from Grade 4 to Grade 7

Latest Teaching Technology

Glenashley is proud to be one of the few schools to offer, interactive smart boards in every classrom.

Experienced & Vibrant Teachers

Glenashley has a staff thats passionate and enthusiastic about teaching young hungry minds.

Exciting Learning Environment

Glenashley offers fun, interactive lessons where the children verbaly, and actively participate.

Together We Prosper.

Exciting Events

All Year round we have some amazing events that take place, for the students and their families as well

Latest News

Glenashley makes sure our news is up to date, read our latest news and stay up to date with us

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2A Marion Ave, Glenashley, Durban

031 572 36 47

Fax: 031 572 75 36

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